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words are spilling out

like endless rain into a paper cup

4 September 1988
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Hi. I'm Miranda.
I go to school at CU-Boulder.
I enjoy attempting to write well, and am presently working towards an english (creative writing) major.
I love my friends (first and foremost), IHOP, rainbows and rainboots, movies and photography.
I am a manager at a movie theatre. It's a love/hate relationship. But most often love.
I am a lesbian, but not the stereotypical kind. And I am not defined by it.
I doubt you'd chose the same word to describe me twice.

This is my life, read up. ♥

"Believe in living life. Not just existing." -Ewan McGregor

Ewan is "the greatest thing you'll ever learn" love

Kate is "never let go" love

Rufus is "foolish" love