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10:31pm 22/11/2010
  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 was faaaaannnntttaaasssttttiiiicccc. :D :D :D I loved it.

29, 256 words in and only 8 days to go. That's 2593 words per day.
I can do it I can do it.
Just for Fun.   
08:48am 15/11/2010
   Movies I am really looking forward to in the next year or so (this is probably to help me remember more than anything!):

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2 (duh!)
The Next Three Days
Love and Other Drugs
The King's Speech
Blue Valentine
Black Swan
127 Hours
I Love Phillip Morris (finally!)
The Tourist
The Tempest
How Do You Know?
All Good Things
Rabbit Hole
True Grit
The Adjustment Bureau
Red Riding Hood
Sucker Punch
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Strange Tides

And probably a few others, but that's most of them. :)
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04:41pm 07/11/2010
  I am doing NaNo WriMo this month! Woot! I'm 13,428 words in. I am writing about my life, and particularly my experience being a gay teenager and coming out the way and when I did. I have decided that I want to work with gay youth, in an after school program maybe, or as a counselor. My mom suggested that I write a memoir of my experience because, assuming I can get it published, it poses as a great tool when trying to get a job in that field (especially since I don't have a Masters in Sociology right now). I am really excited about this. I think it is a great atmosphere for this kind of book right now, too, and I am hoping that the recent political issues and suicides will work as a sort of catalyst to getting this published, too. As awful as that sounds, I guess. I would have loved to read a true story of someone my age dealing with coming out and everything that comes along with that when I was going through all that. I am hoping that it will be a book that gives hope to gay youth. And even non-gay youth, too!

On somewhat of the same note, one of my favorite teacher's from junior high school's house caught on fire this past week. She lives in Missouri with her girl friend, who was another of my favorite teachers at the same school. There was an article in the local newspaper in my home town about the fire, which says these women's names and that they live together. I am so sad that I live in a time when I read that and feel nervous for them. They could be fired from their jobs if people found out they are gay, and especially gay together, and teaching at the same school. This is such a terrible thing and I wish it wasn't even something that has to cross my mind.

And on another note--a much happier one!-- I am going wedding dress shopping on Tuesday! Ah! I am so excited and cannot wait. I feels like I have been looking forward to this forever, and now it's finally here. :)
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Fire in the Mountains.   
02:32pm 29/10/2010
  There is yet another fire in the mountains right outside of Boulder. But this time my mom and her boyfriend had to evacuate their house. 

Jayne and I have a bunch of stuff in storage there, too. Ironically, I actually picked up a bunch of stuff from her house yesterday because I needed some things, so there isn't much there that is extremely important, I guess. I do have some photo albums but I have no idea which boxes they're in so I wasn't about to ask my mom to spend her evacuation time rummaging through every box we have in her storage.

I hope nothing happens to her house, or her neighbors. Or the baby bears they say walking around the neighborhood yards the other day.
One crazy pup.   
03:29pm 26/10/2010
 For Halloween Sydney is going as a Gryffindor Wizard.

What a sweet girl. She has grown up so much. And she has such a personality.

A few of her favorite things:
- Watermelon, avocado, pumpkin, tomatoes
- Chasing squirrels and bunnies
- Watching TV

I <3 her. :)
07:23pm 24/10/2010
  I ran 1.6 miles the other day. Ok, it was more like jogging, but the point is that I have never run/jogged that long in my entire life. I was one of those kids that walked the mile and did the bare minimum in all those 'tests' in school. I can honestly say that I am probably the most fit I have ever been in my life right now. Something else I have been filling my spare time with since I don't have school is working out. I have never consistently worked out before, either. I have Wii Fit, which is actually really great, and I have been doing biking and jogging around the lake near my dad's house. It feels really good.

Oh yeah, another thing I forgot to mention. Jayne and I are living at my dad's house right now. We have the basement basically to ourselves, which is nice. It is hard sometimes not to have our own space and to live with so many people (my dad, his girlfriend Liz and her daughter Lily, who is 14). But Sydney loves it and I am glad she has other dogs to be around, too. And that there are people around when Jayne and I have to be at work. It's worth it because it is rent and utility free, plus free internet and all that other good stuff that goes along with paying for where you live.

I know this "waiting period" that I'm in right now is a good time for me to relax and do things that I haven't been able to do since I have been in school. But it's hard for me because I am so used to going going going. Having goals, getting them done, having the next four years (or more) planned out. So much is up in the air right now that I feel overwhelmed sometimes. With what? With not knowing, I guess.
LJ Reborn   
03:05pm 22/10/2010
  I have decided to start posting public entries, which I haven't done since oh so long ago in high school when some petty argument influenced me to keep my LJ life concealed in friend only posts. Maybe this doesn't seem like such a big deal to anyone but me. 

It has been several months since my last real post. I wish I could say some huge, life changing events occurred while this time passed. I could make something up. Saving babies from burning fire car crashes, triathlons, traveling all over the country. But the truth is, life has just been going along as of late. Nothing overwhelmingly exciting, which is probably why I haven't felt the need to post anything.

Since graduation last May, I have been doing mostly the same thing as what I was doing for the last 4 years of college, minus the school. Working, sleeping, blah blah blah. Plans for the future? Jayne and I are getting married on September 15th, 2011. :) I can't wait. I have been filing a lot of my time planning for our wedding. I am going dress shopping on November 9th with my family and [info]w00t4ewan! Wah!

After our wedding, Jayne and I are planning on moving out east. I have never lived on the east coast before and would love to try something new. Jayne is originally from Philly and misses being near the ocean. I miss humidity, lightning bugs, forests. This is the main reason why I am still doing the same thing right now. In less than a year we will be moving, so why start something new just to have to leave. I am in a job with a guaranteed 40 hours, vacation time, flexible scheduling and hours, free movies, benefits, 401K and an already approved 1 month off for our wedding. Sounds great, right? It is, except I am sooooo SO tired of it. I can do everything at my job in my sleep. Or brain dead. Whichever comes with less thought process. I am trying to stick it out until we move. The nice thing is that I can also transfer to another theatre out east so that I have a guaranteed source of income until I can get a 'real' job. Always a plus.

I know none of this is actually very interesting. I thought it would be good to do a background information post before anything else.  I hope to have something more exciting for next time. :)
06:10pm 01/04/2005

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